Where can I see the Flying Scotsman in Northamptonshire on Saturday?

The Flying Scotsman. File picture
The Flying Scotsman. File picture

One of the most famous steam locomotives in the world is passing through the county this weekend - and we have all the details on where you can spot it from.

The Flying Scotsman steams through our county on Saturday (June 4) morning, and it is expected thousands will clamour for a peek at the legendary locomotive.

The steam locomotive has returned to the tracks following a ten year restoration programme costing £4.2 million.

So, where can you see it?

Rule number one is: Do not trespass on the railway. It’s dangerous for you, it’s dangerous for the train passengers, and you could be prosecuted.

The approximate train times for scheduled stops are expected to be as follows:

Leaves London Victoria: 06:35am

Stop at St Albans: 08:05

Stop at Luton: 08:20

Stop at Bedford: 08.50

Stop at Kettering: 09:40

(passing through Corby Station at about: 09:50)

(passing over Harringworth Viaduct at about: 09:58)

(passing through Manton at about: 10:03)

(passing through Oakham at about: 10:08)

Melton Mowbray: 10:45

York: 2pm

It will run through Wellingborough between 9.10am and 09:30am. It will run to the east of the town and alongside the River Ise, past the Finedon Road Industrial Estate, through open countryside and past Weetabix, before passing over the A14.

In Kettering, you could try spotting the train from the south of Wicksteed Park or from Kettering Parkway, or from many of the fields surrounding Barford Bridge.

It will be stopping at the train station and you could also pop in to see the Time Travellers’ Room that will be manned by members of Kettering Civic society until around 4pm.

Corby Railway Station is expected to close its platforms for safety reasons while the train passes, and although there is no stop in Corby, there will be plenty of places to safely see the train passing through. It will pass behind the Oakley Vale estate and over the 12 arches at about 09:45am. There are also vantage points at the Rockingham Road bridge and the Cottingham Road bridge where you may even get a face-full of steam as the train passes underneath you if you’re lucky.

In Gretton, Lydia’s Coffee Shop will be open to serve home-made, tasty refreshments to people watching the train pass through the Welland Valley from the Tythe Field. Bacon rolls will be served from 9.15am and the train is expected to pass at about 9.55am. Bring your own seats.

The best, and most popular place to spot the train will be at the Harringworth Viaduct - Britain’s longest masonry viaduct.

The train will pass there at about 09:58 and there is an event being organised by villagers that will see hundreds watching the train cross the majestic bridge.

There is organised parking available from 9am in the village and refreshments will be on offer during the morning.

If you are a bit further north, you may be able to spot the train running through the Rutland countryside, past Wing Road, along the A6003 and through Oakham to the station.

Although the carriages will pass back through the county on the return journey on Saturday evening, they will be pulled by a diesel locomotive.

And if you miss it all - don’t panic! The Flying Scotsman will be back on June 25 to do it all again.