What can be done about the A43?

Motorists are being given the chance to have their say on the future of one of the county's most dangerous roads.

A meeting will take place on Friday to discuss the state of the A43 and give drivers their chance to speak to road safety experts and councillors about schemes that could be trialled on the road.

The meeting is being held as part of a Government initiative to tackle some of the country's most dangerous roads.

A43 campaigner Chrissie Osborne, who lives near Hannington and has to turn onto the road when leaving her house, said: "I hope this meeting is a step in the right direction.

"I know the council tried to make safety improvements but the real problem is that you have three different speed limits on the road which depend on what type of vehicle you drive.

"If they made it 50mph for everyone we wouldn't have this problem."

In July the Evening Telegraph's Don't be a Victim campaign revealed the number of accidents on the A43 had dropped but it still topped the latest list of red routes in the county.

The number of people killed or seriously injured on Northamptonshire's roads has dropped by 42 per cent since 2000, from 773 to 452, according to the casualty reduction safety partnership's annual report.

The A43 has seen the accident rate fall during the past two years.

A series of improvements on the single carriageway road resulted in there being only three accidents during 2006.

There were 20 accidents, two deaths and 38 injuries in accidents on the road in 2005. That fell to 14 accidents, two deaths and 15 injuries in 2006. And last year there were only three accidents, resulting in one fatality and 12 injuries.

Since 2005, laybys have been made one-way and drivers have been stopped from turning right into them or out of them.

The county council also put new markings on the central carriageway and installed red route signs to warn people to take extra care. There have been improvements around the once notorious Hannington junction and the police regularly use mobile safety cameras on the route.

Tomorrow's meeting will take place from 10am to midday at Kettering Conference Centre in Kettering Leisure Village.