Wellingborough youngsters cooking up a storm in the kitchen

Some of the youngsters from Glamis Hall's cooking club
Some of the youngsters from Glamis Hall's cooking club

Youngsters have been learning about healthy eating and how to cook a range of tasty dishes at a Wellingborough community centre.

Glamis Hall on the Queensway estate secured funding from Wellingborough Council to run a series of cooking lessons for two groups of children, aged five to seven and aged seven to 12, over six weeks.

The cooking club at Glamis Hall

The cooking club at Glamis Hall

The older group was taught basic aspects of healthy eating and food safety by Lloyd Sumar, Glamis Hall’s chef, and both groups learnt how to make lasagne, chicken enchiladas, tomato soup and fresh bread, shortbread and cookies, sticky toffee pudding and pizza.

The ingredients and equipment was provided for them and the children got to take home the food they had cooked and some of the equipment used to cook it each week.

There was a taste test challenge each week where the children were blindfolded and had three things to taste, with the winner being the one with the highest score at the end.

The taste test challenge winners from each group were then rewarded with a trophy and all children completing the course got a medal.

The final day consisted of a cooking competition, at which all the children brought in cakes they had baked.

It was judged by Gill Chapman, the council’s principal community support manager, and Lloyd and Frances Barry, some of Glamis Hall’s volunteers who work with Lloyd in the kitchen and helped out at the cooking club.

The winners received a set of cake baking and decorating equipment.

Heather Saunders, chairman of the trustees at Glamis Hall, said: “The children all enjoyed learning to cook.

“We had some delightful comments such as ‘I liked making lasagne because my family went mad for it’ and ‘I liked being his little helper’.

“The children’s favourite recipe was shortbread.

“Parents were happy too, saying things like ‘I learned that homemade bread is lush’ and ‘her lasagne was better than mine’.

“We’re really pleased to be able to provide these classes for local children with the help of the Borough Council of Wellingborough.

“This was the second time we have run a cookery club, the first was sponsored by our local county councillor Liz Coombe who has helped us in so many ways since we started.

“We are hoping to run more classes in the future and are currently looking for sponsorship.”

All the children received a Glamis Hall Cooking Club apron and a box of vegetables and other items to help them carry on cooking at home.

Anyone interested in sponsoring future cooking clubs can call Glamis Hall on 01933 677326.