Wellingborough teenager praised for helping rescue cliff fall crash victim

Liam Oldfield, of Wellingborough, and Major General Mike Riddell-Webster
Liam Oldfield, of Wellingborough, and Major General Mike Riddell-Webster

A teenager has been commended for his bravery and quick-thinking response after witnessing a horrific car accident.

Liam Oldfield, 18, of Wellingborough, was commended for his actions during the Annual General Inspection at Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College, which trains students for specialised technical officer careers in the Armed Forces.

At a prize-giving ahead of the parade, Liam was presented with the director general of the defence academy’s commendation for his actions after he witnessed a car accident while walking in the Lake District with his father.

Liam helped free a 60-year-old woman from her car after it plunged 150ft down a mountainside, alerting the emergency services and calling for a rescue helicopter.

His commendation praised him for his “initiative, resolve and power of command”.

Liam is now waiting for his A-level results before going on to study at university, where he will be sponsored by the Army, which will pay £4,000 a year towards his studies.

Liam, a former Weavers Academy pupil who is predicted top grades in maths, design technology and electronics, is hoping to go on to Aston University where he will study for a degree in mechanical engineering, before starting on his Army career.

He is sponsored by the Royal Logistic Corps, the largest corps in the British Army which carries a wide range of responsibilities, including making sure the Army has the right equipment in the right place, from tanks and ammunition to letters and food.

Liam, who passed out in front of his family, said: “It was an honour to receive the commendation for bravery. We had to think quickly and I know the woman we helped rescue was really grateful.

“I’m very proud to be graduating from Welbeck.

“It’s a great foot-hold into a lifelong career.

“I want to serve on tour with the Army, but I also want to become a qualified mountaineer.

“Welbeck has allowed me to gain skills in mountaineering, which I wouldn’t have been able to do at another sixth form college.”