Wellingborough takeaway to donate takings to new church and community centre

An artist's impression of the new church and community centre in Wellingborough
An artist's impression of the new church and community centre in Wellingborough

A family-run takeaway will be donating its first night’s takings towards a new church and community centre being built nearby.

Michael Damianou and his family ran Starfish takeaway in Wellingborough for 16 years before moving away.

But after returning to the area, they are getting back behind the counter and will be serving fish and chips again from Agatha’s Fish & Chip shop in Farm Road just opposite the Ock & Dough pub.

Michael said: “It’s good to be back.”

Wife Agatha said: “And the whole of the first night’s takings on Wednesday (September 27) will be contributed to the Gleneagles Church and Community Centre being built just a few yards from us.”

Churchwarden Chris Gledhill said: “The building project for our church and community centre is proceeding well.

“A start was made on the site in August 2016 as part of the preliminary work needed to complete the planning consent.

“Funds are continuing to flow in and to date we have raised £814,530 out of the £1.9 million needed for the total project.

“The last two months has seen £6,000 added in the form of grants from The Arthur Souster Charitable Trust and the Empowering Community Fund via our local county councillor Malcolm Waters.

“We owe so much thanks to everyone in our community and to the parish of Gleneagles.”

Michael added: “At a time when all you see is churches closing or being turned into restaurants, it is really wonderful to find a new church with a community centre being built here in Wellingborough.

“I am really pleased about it.

“We started our shop called Starfish here just over 16 years ago.

“Then two years back we moved away, but we have now returned to the community, we are back to stay, and we are calling our new takeaway shop Agatha’s.”

People are invited to go along to Agatha’s in Farm Road tomorrow (Wednesday) to enjoy something from the menu, including fish, kebabs, burgers and fried chicken, and contribute to the community at the same time.