Wellingborough schoolchildren to clean up park

Park Junior School pupils clean up Eastfield Park with help from Wellingborough Norse in 2013
Park Junior School pupils clean up Eastfield Park with help from Wellingborough Norse in 2013

Children from a Wellingborough school are teaming up with the council to have a big spring clean later this week.

The children, from the town’s Park Junior School, will tackle the litter in Eastfield Park on Thursday morning (March 26).

Pupils from all years at the school will head out at 10am, armed with litter pickers and bin bags, to clear up the left-behind rubbish that ruins their local playing field.

The children will be helped by officers from Wellingborough Norse, the company that carries out environmental services on behalf of the council.

The tidy up has been organised as part of a Keep Britain Tidy campaign encouraging communities to come together to spring clean their neighbourhoods.

Dean Granger, environmental warden at Wellingborough Norse, said: “Summer’s just around the corner now and with the warmer weather people spend more time outdoors. Unfortunately that also means the amount of litter in our parks increases.

“Despite regular cleaning, the littering in Eastfield Park can get quite bad. It’s frustrating that it’s the actions of only a small number of irresponsible people that ruins the park for everyone, and that as fast as we can clean it, people who don’t care about the consequences drop more rubbish.

“That’s why a community tidy up is always such a good idea. It shows people exactly what’s involved in cleaning up rubbish, gets them involved, and helps them to understand the effect that carelessly discarded litter can have.

“Having the children helping out is even better as they can take the messages back to their families and friends, so that together we can achieve clean, green spaces for everyone to enjoy.”

Headteacher David Tebbutt said: “We’ve done a litter pick before and all the children were so proud of their efforts when the park was clean. Unfortunately, the litter has come back and we know we have more to do to educate people and raise awareness of the issue.

“The whole school’s getting involved in the spring clean. We want to work together as part of the community to sort this out. Our children deserve to be able to play outside this summer in safe and clean parks without worrying about what’s on the ground.”

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