Wellingborough school pupils pledge to clean up litter

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Children from a Wellingborough school are teaming up with the borough council to wage a war against litter.

Pupils from the town’s Park Junior School were upset at the amount of rubbish being dumped in the streets and parks near the school and asked the council if they could work together to sort out the problem.

Staff from Wellingborough Norse, the company that carries out environmental services on behalf of the council, went into the school on Monday to give an assembly to the whole school, and the children have now arranged a litter pick at the local Eastfield park on Thursday.

Dean Granger, environmental warden at Wellingborough Norse, said: “We are always really pleased to work with schools to help keep their communities tidy and safe. Despite regular cleaning, the littering around Park Junior can get quite bad and it’s great that the children want to help sort it out. We talked to all the pupils about how litter impacts on a neighbourhood and why it’s important that areas are kept clean. The litter pick is a great idea, as not only will it help clear up a park local to the school, but it will also give the children experience of using litter picking equipment and help them understand exactly what’s involved in picking up after people that throw their rubbish on the floor.”

Head teacher David Tebbutt said: “The children are very enthusiastic about sorting out the litter around the school and they will be incredibly proud of their efforts in cleaning up the park. The whole school’s getting involved and we are really trying to raise awareness of the issue. We want our pupils to be able to walk to school along clean and safe streets, and play outside without worrying about what’s on the ground, so the more people that know about and can help our campaign the better. We hope that by educating the children about the issues caused by litter and encouraging them to help tackle the problem, they will take the messages back to families and friends. Everyone has a responsibility to dispose of their rubbish in a safe and sensible way, and it’s only by working together that we can sort this out.”

The litter pick will take place at Eastfield park at 2pm on Thursday 12 September and pupils from all years at the school will be taking part. Staff from Wellingborough Norse will be on hand to support the children and will be providing equipment and rubbish bags. The council’s ‘no excuses’ roadshow trailer will also be at the park, to help highlight the popular anti-litter campaign to the wider public.

If any schools would like a visit from an environmental warden, or would like help to organise a litter pick, they should call Wellingborough Norse on 01933 234 542.