Wellingborough salon welcomes woman with the world's longest dreadlocks for makeover

A woman who holds the record for the longest dreadlocks in the world flew all the way from Florida to be transformed by staff at a Wellingborough salon.

Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 6:00 am
Asha Mandela at QL in Wellingborough

With dreadlocks measuring 100 feet long, Asha Mandela first became the Guiness Book of Records holder for the longest dreadlocks in the world in 2008.

Lu Buckley from Quattro Lounge in Wellingborough, which specialises in makeovers, saw her incredible hair on television and decided to message her to see if she wanted a makeover in their salon based at Diana’s Health & Fitness in Finedon Road.

And it wasn’t long until Asha replied with a yes, agreeing to a no mirror makeover by Lu and her colleagues.

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Asha Mandela showing off her dreadlocks

Asha, who has not cut her hair for 35 years, said she was happy to come to Wellingborough for some pampering and to talk to people about her long locks.

She isn’t phased by the length or weight of her hair, and said: “I’m used to it now, it helps my posture.”

It takes Asha about four hours to wash and dry her hair.

Her husband helps her wash it in the bath and it weighs between 25 and 30lbs dry, but up to 80lbs when it’s wet.

Asha affectionately refers to her hair as ‘The Cobra’ and wears it in a special carrier on her back when she’s not wowing people with its length.

She was looking forward to the no mirror challenge, which took place on Friday.

Lu from QL said: “We do a lot of makeovers for men and women, and this is going to be a substantial transformation.

“It will make a difference.”

Lu said she has been planning the makeover for weeks and was pleased to finally meet Asha before getting to work on her new look.

A number of Wellingborough businesses sponsored the no mirror challenge, including The Hind Hotel, Castello Lounge and Button Boutique.

After Lu and her team worked their magic on Asha’s hair without cutting it as well as doing her make-up and nails, the grand reveal was due to take place at Palm Beach in Wellingborough on Friday evening.