Wellingborough residents left without a lift for a fortnight

Wellingborough Homes has said the lift should be fixed next week
Wellingborough Homes has said the lift should be fixed next week

A housing association has said a lift which has been out of order for more than two weeks should be fixed next week.

People living in Bronte Court, Wellingborough, have been forced to use the stairs for at least 14 days due to a broken lift.

The issue has been affecting residents of Bronte Court, which was built on the site of the former Calendar pub just off Swinburne Road on the town’s Queensway estate about 15 years ago.

One of these residents contacted the Northants Telegraph after claiming no action was being taken by his landlord, Wellingborough Homes, to resolve the issue.

He said: “Our lift has been out of order for two weeks now.

“I live on the second floor, I am registered disabled, constantly under the doctor and can’t get any shopping as I must not lift anything.”

He also had a shoulder replacement last year and as he lives on his own, he says he has no-one for help getting to and from his flat with the lift being out of order.

A spokesman for Wellingborough Homes said: “We are aware of the issue of the broken lift located at Bronte Court.

“The fault was caused by a power surge and we have scheduled for the repair to take place early next week.

“We have been in touch with all customers affected and continue to look for solutions to ensure all customers’ needs are met.”