Wellingborough park to be given a clean-up

Rubbish dumped in Croyland Park
Rubbish dumped in Croyland Park

A mile of park through the centre of Wellingborough will be given a clean up on Sunday (July 20).

The Green Mile will start at the Tithe Barn in the town centre at 11am and follow the brook all the way through Croyland Park to the Kingsway underpass.

The area will be litter picked, the brook cleared of rubbish, and the changing rooms painted.

The clean up has been organised by Wellingborough Norse, the company that carries out environmental services on behalf of the borough council, together with McDonald’s.

Stephen Dunkley, cleansing manager for Wellingborough Norse, said: “Every year we try and do at least one big tidy up with McDonald’s. We chose Croyland Park this time as we have ongoing issues with rubbish being dumped in the brook and litter in the park.

“We just about manage to keep on top of it all, but we’re hoping that by having a really deep clean we can help change the way people think. If they can see how good the park can look, and appreciate the amount of work that goes into clearing away the rubbish, maybe they’ll think twice about spoiling the park in the future.”

Workers from Wellingborough Norse will be on site with equipment and the “no excuses” roadshow trailer will be helping to educate people about the problems caused by littering and fly tipping.

McDonald’s will be providing refreshments and donating a recycled bench to replace an old metal one.

Cllr Peter Morrall, chairman of the council’s services committee, said: “It’s a real shame that we have to do these big tidy ups, as it’s time and money that could be much better spent on something else. But unfortunately, for as long as a small number of people think it’s okay to chuck their rubbish on the ground and spoil our beautiful parks, this is the kind of activity we have to do to keep our green spaces nice for everybody.

“This should be a real community day, and everyone is welcome to come along and help out. The idea is to help people love where they live, to feel pride in the park and a desire to keep the place looking nice. We’ve got an excellent Friends of Croyland Gardens group and they’ll be there on the day too. It’s a shame we have to do this, but since we do, let’s hope it changes the way people think and we don’t have to do it again in a hurry.”