Wellingborough man’s European road trip raises more than £25,000

The Rust Bucket Rally crew.
The Rust Bucket Rally crew.

A Wellingborough man who drove across Europe with fellow petrolheads has raised £25,500 for Cransley Hospice.

Carl Baldry’s ‘Rust Bucket Rally’ saw him and his trusty yellow Saab travel across seven countries in four days.

Carl Baldry's trusty yellow Saab.

Carl Baldry's trusty yellow Saab.

Mr Baldry, an airport taxi driver, drove one of 26 cars to travel in the group, although only 20 made it back in one piece.

Mr Baldry said: “I think that shows how tough the challenge is.

“My car is a bit poorly now and two other cars broke down before we left but we had a great time.

“Seeing the Pyrenees was spectacular and Andorra was beautiful but I think St Bernard Pass was my favourite.”

The only rule in the challenge is that cars entering must have been bought for less than £500.

This year the group drove to Lausanne, down to Barcelona, to Andorra and up to Bordeaux before driving to Calais and arriving back at Cranford.

The mammoth trek has now raised £25,500 with more donations coming in, taking the total raised in three years up to about £75,000 for different charities.

Mr Baldry added: “We raised £25,500 and people are still donating, which is fantastic.

“It makes a huge difference and Cransley do a fantastic job. They really deserve the money.

“If it could pay for just one nurse that would be amazing.”

To follow the group’s progress, search for Rust Bucket Rally on Facebook.