Wellingborough man jailed for stabbing man in the head

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A Wellingborough man stabbed another man in the back of his head with such force that a piece of the blade ended up embedded in his brain.

Daniel Martin, 19, of Salisbury Road, Wellingborough, pursued his victim through the streets of Wellingborough in a drug-fuelled rage last November, before delivering the near-fatal stab wound.

Martin appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Monday where he was sentenced for 11 and a half years.

On the night of the incident, Martin was part of a group drinking and taking drugs in Albert Road.

The victim, Latvian national Rimants Laskins, arrived, with others, at the house trying to buy cannabis, but they were turned away. There was a confrontation and Martin armed himself with a knife.

The Latvian men left, but were angry at being threatened and returned armed with pieces of wood.

Martin and the other occupants of the house armed themselves and chased the Latvian men off.

Prosecutor Matthew Thomas said Martin chased his victim along Grant Road and Stanley Street before stabbing him in the back of the head. The knife pierced the man’s skull and Martin was unable to remove it. The victim made his way home with the knife sticking out of his head.

Mr Thomas said since the incident, the victim had lost the use of his right arm, as well as losing some speech. He is unable to hold a proper conversation and his decision-making has been impaired.

Martin was arrested soon afterwards and initially denied having had anything to do with the incident. He admitted having been at the home and taking cocaine as well as drinking brandy laced with ecstasy, but said he had left the house and had not assaulted anyone.

However, text messages were found on his phone between Martin and his girlfriend in which he said he could be going to prison for murder, and a witness said she had seen Martin being sick on the street shouting “I couldn’t get the knife out of his head.”

Derek Johashen, in mitigation, said his client had violent convictions on his criminal record, but added that he had usually been on the periphery of such incidents.

Martin was also facing charges for a violent affray in Wellingborough last July in which he had kicked a man on the head as he lay prone on the ground. He pleaded guilty to charges of grievous bodily harm and affray.

Judge Rupert Mayo told Martin: “Such violence was done by you that the knife went through the skull and the tip of the knife broke.

“Despite having a loving family, you are dangerous. Your response to provocation is totally disproportionate and that makes you a very dangerous and violent young man.”