Wellingborough man among five people fined for taking pictures as they drove past crash

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A Wellingborough man is among five drivers fined for taking photos as they passed an accident on a Northamptonshire road.

The motorists all drove past a van which had left the road on the eastbound carriageway of the A45 near Great Doddington in May.

As they travelled along the westbound carriageway, the five male drivers all took pictures of the scene from the opposite side.

At Northampton Magistrates Court last month, the five – aged between 30 and 57 – pleaded guilty to not being in control of their vehicles.

Inspector Jen Helm from Northamptonshire Police said: “I don’t want drivers just to think about the consequences of being fined for their actions, I also want them to understand the majority of people see their behaviour as dangerous, illegal and disrespectful to victims and their families.

“We have prosecuted people for this kind of behaviour before and we are more than willing to do it again until this risky, voyeuristic fad passes.”

Two of the other drivers were from Northampton, one was from Rugby and one from West Yorkshire.

All were caught in a five-minute period by officers at the scene who noticed motorists on the opposite side of the road were taking pictures as they drove past.

After spotting the reckless drivers, officers from the Collision Investigation Team took pictures of them while other members of the emergency services dealt with the collision.

Taking into account court costs and fines, the five men were all ordered to pay between £205 and £285 by magistrates. All of the drivers also had three points added to their licences.