Wellingborough firm using hashtag cash to help charities

Tim Brown from Hashrag in Wellingborough
Tim Brown from Hashrag in Wellingborough

Charities are set to benefit from the efforts of a firm harnessing the power of social media to turn Twitter hashtags into t-shirt slogans.

Wellingborough-based Hashrag has cottoned on to the popularity of words and sayings being turned into hashtags and launched a range of ‘wearable hashtags.’

These are printed onto T shirts and onesies and embroidered onto hats, with charities set to be the main beneficiary.

Director Tim Brown said: “Hashtags have become part of everyday language for an entire generation.

“They are second nature to a social media savvy audience and we felt it made sense to bring ‘virtual’ words and phrases into the real world.

“Hashtags are a superb way for businesses, charities and groups to mobilise support online and bringing that simple one word message into a more visual, public arena in the form of a t-shirt or a woolly hat is perfect.”

Hashrag has agreed to donate a percentage of the profits from the sale of clothing related to specific charities back to the charity itself, encouraging supporters to wear the fundraising message and raise money themselves at the same time.

A dedicated charity Hashrag web page has been set up for charities to register their hashtags and share on their social networks.

The charity will then receive £3 for each garment sold.

T-shirts have already been ordered by a range of companies and good causes while clothing has also been sent to celebrity DJs at BBC Radio One.

The company is hoping to attract interest from sports clubs, the music industry, TV shows and marketing companies looking for a way to replicate their online campaigns in the outside world.

For more details visit www.charityhashrag.co.uk or www.hashrag.co.uk, or search #hashrag on Twitter and Instagram.