Wellingborough families angry at Glamis Hall closure plan

Glamis Hall in Wellingborough is to close
Glamis Hall in Wellingborough is to close

A campaign group has been set up to challenge the decision to close a day care service.

Wellingborough Council has decided to shut Glamis Hall from the beginning of next year and end the services run from there.

The community centre, in Goldsmith Road, is mainly used as the base for the council-run day care service for older people.

About 180 people will be affected directly by the closure, and the council has pledged to try to find alternative facilities for them.

Graham Campbell is outraged by the council’s decision and is part of the campaign group that has been formed to keep it open.

He said: “Everyone is disgusted by the decision.

“The way it has been handled by the council is disgraceful. In 2011 they said they would keep it open for another four years, which would have taken it through to November 2015, but now they are saying that was just a recommendation.

“It seems as though they are going back on their word.

“The support has been fantastic, we held a meeting about the closure and had a very good turnout.

“There were a lot of passionate people there and emotions were running high.

“We’ve started a petition and we need the support of the public to write to their councillors about this.

“My dad has been at Glamis for 20 years and the carers are like family. He is distraught.

“We’re not going to let this drop, we can’t just wash these people to one side.”

Heather Saunders spoke about the issue at the full council meeting on Tuesday.

She said: “I think what I said reached a few of the councillors and Cllr Bell has agreed to meet us to discuss proper options not the nothing options they’ve given us so far.

“In 2012 the council leader said there was enough money to build a new day centre so where has the money gone?

“Apparently they’ve been talking about this for years but if they had involved us earlier we could have come up with a solution.

“They have concentrated on the costs and not thought about the human side.”

The council say the building, which was built in the 1970s, is no longer fit for purpose. It is not legally obliged to provide the day care service, which costs about £170,000 a year to run.