Wellingborough Council pledges to finish what it started

Cllr Paul Bell
Cllr Paul Bell

There are exciting times ahead for Wellingborough, according to the leader of the council after he was re-elected to serve the borough.

Cllr Paul Bell enjoyed personal success in the elections as well as seeing the Conservatives retain control of Wellingborough Council.

Cllr Bell, who said he expected to be re-elected as group leader next week, said: “I am over the moon, I couldn’t believe it.

“We are absolutely delighted and the whole group is proud to serve the people of the borough.”

Cllr Bell, who secured the highest number of votes on the night with 2,118 for the Redwell ward, said they were keen to continue the work they had started, including progress on the Stanton Cross and Wellingborough North developments and building a crematorium in the town, and he added: “We want to finish the work we have started.”

Other schemes he is keen to see come to fruition include bringing a cinema to Wellingborough as part of re-development plans for the Swansgate multi-storey car park and converting empty buildings in the town. Cllr Bell said: “I want to make the borough totally self-suffient so we are not dependent on the government grant which is always cut each year.

“We want to use our assets as best as we can.”

He added: “It is a fantastic time to be in Wellingborough, especially with 250 homes being built a year with Stanton Cross and we want to get on site with Wellingborough North this year.”

Cllr Bell thanked everyone who had voted and said he was looking forward to making the borough somewhere his grandson was proud to grow up. The Conservatives now hold 27 of the 36 seats.