Wellingborough Council considering £5 increase in council tax

People are being asked for their views as Wellingborough Council considers its budget for 2018-19.

Monday, 8th January 2018, 12:42 pm
Updated Monday, 8th January 2018, 12:48 pm
Wellingborough Council is asking for people's views as it considers its budget for 2018-19

The authority is considering a £5 increase in council tax as it looks at setting its budget for the next financial year.

A statement on the council website says: “The council will soon be setting its budget for the next financial year.

“As the funding from government is likely to be reduced once again, approximately £348,000 is needed to balance the books for 2018-19.

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“Significant changes have been made in the current year to reduce costs however there is still insufficient income to cover the expenditure.

“In order to minimise further impact on the services we provide, it’s proposed that reserves - which are like savings in a bank account - are again used next year to support the budget.

“The council has sufficient reserves to cover the amount needed for next year, but cannot support in this way indefinitely.

“This means that throughout the year further changes will have to be made and long-term solutions found.

“Ideas are being developed to deal with the financial challenges so that in the future we can balance the budget without needing to use reserves.

“It is also proposed that there could be a £5 increase in council tax for 2018-19 and 2019-20 and a 1.99 per cent for 2020-21 and 2021-22.

“This would increase the amount payable on the average band D property in 2018-19, by £0.10p per week.

“We would appreciate your views on this and on the areas where we are considering changing the way we work in the future.

“To ensure we have sufficient time to consider the consultation responses, please submit your views about our proposals by midnight on 19 January 2018.”

To have your say, take part in the online consultation by clicking here