Wellingborough centenarians are Facebook hit despite never having used social media

Joan and Constance have been a big hit on Facebook
Joan and Constance have been a big hit on Facebook

Two centenarians have received thousands of birthday wishes via Facebook despite never using social media in their combined 201 years.

Constance Peploe and Joan Spreckley from Rosewood Court in Irthlingborough Road, Wellingborough, will be celebrating their 101st and 100th birthdays respectively later this month.

It would be lovely to get it as high as possible by their birthdays

Megan Neilan

In honour of the milestones, Megan Neilan decided to see how many likes they could get by putting a picture of the birthday girls on Facebook.

The aim was 201 likes, but they have exceeded all expectations by attracting more than 9,000 likes and 400 shares from around the world.

Megan, who is the activity coordinator at Rosewood Court, said: “I just got fed up of seeing all these pointless posts, and not just pointless but sad and upsetting posts, so I thought it would be nice to do something more uplifting.

“They are so remarkable, fit and lively for their age and so switched on so I thought let’s see if we can do it.”

Since posting the picture, it has been attracting several thousand new likes each day.

Megan said: “It’s slowing down a bit now, but it would be lovely to get it as high as possible by their birthdays.

“Constance was one of the first residents I worked with and she says ‘at my age, I have seen everything.’

“This was a chance for me to prove her wrong and give them both a brand new experience.”

Joan will be 100 on June 23 and Constance will turn 101 three days later on June 26.

The ladies may never have used Facebook before, but they are not scared of trying new things as Constance did a sky-dive at the age of 94 and Joan went to London Fashion Week just a few years ago.

Megan said: “Joan is loving the attention and knowing that so many people are seeing the photo.

“She said we will have to thank all the people who have liked it, she’s in her element with it.

“They are both really excited by it.”

Rosewood Court held a party when it first joined Facebook five years ago so their residents could learn about social media.

Pictures are posted online so relatives can see what the residents have been doing, and Megan will regularly put the Facebook page on a big screen in the lounge so they can see the reaction to their posts.

The response to the birthday post has surprised everyone with how well it has gone and the treat for Joan and Constance for smashing the number of likes is afternoon tea at The Courtyard in Stanwick on June 25.

Megan gave the pair a mini makeover for the original photograph, but said it would be lovely if someone could do it for them ahead of their afternoon tea.

Megan said: “I did their make-up for the photograph and they really enjoyed it. If anyone could give them a little bit of pampering on the Thursday morning, that would be lovely.”

If you could help with some pampering on June 25, call Megan on 07527 356812 or email megan.neilan@extracare.org.uk.

To see the original post go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Meg-Neilan-Sponsored-by-Recycled-Teenagers/380023378872113.