Wellingborough care home rated as good by inspectors

Staff at Park House, Wellingborough, celebrating their latest inspection results
Staff at Park House, Wellingborough, celebrating their latest inspection results

A Wellingborough care home has been rated as good overall by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following an unannounced inspection.

The inspectors said that people living at Park House, which is run by Four Seasons Health Care, were looked after by a team who were caring, kind and considerate and who treated them with respect.

The inspectors saw that staff had developed positive and caring relationships with people living in the home.

The residents and their relatives spoke highly about the team at Park House and told the inspectors they were pleased with the care and support they received.

One resident said: “I wouldn’t change anything, I like it here, I’m as happy as I can be.”

Another said: “The staff are very nice, they are very friendly, we get on well together.”

A relative told the inspectors: “The staff are very friendly and approachable; they are always willing to help in any way they can.”

The inspectors saw there were sufficient staff on duty with the right skills mix to meet people’s needs in an effective timely way and they were well trained and supported to do their jobs.

They said they were knowledgeable and understood the needs of the people in their care.

People were supported to maintain good health, with access to relevant healthcare services.

They said systems were in place to ensure medicines were safely managed and to keep the service safe, clean and hygienic.

Residents and their relatives were consulted as much as possible about care plans, which included the person’s health and care needs together with information on their life story, their interests, preferences and dislikes.

The inspectors saw that residents received a nutritious and balanced diet and the care team understood people’s individual dietary requirements and how those needs were met.

People were encouraged and helped to maintain their independence.

They were supported to participate in a range of activities of their choice that met their interests and needs.

Martin Murphy, regional managing director for Four Seasons Health Care, said: “Such a good CQC inspection outcome can only be achieved by, an enthusiastic team supporting each other for the benefit of the residents.

“I am very proud of their hard work and dedication.

“The comments by residents and their relatives let us know the team is so well appreciated.”

Park House has achieved satisfaction ratings averaging about 98 per cent during recent months in feedback from residents, their relatives and visiting care professionals.