Wellingborough car park to close from next week

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A car park blighted by crime and anti-social behaviour is to close from next week.

The Northants Telegraph recently reported how drug taking, aggressive driving and people having sex in public were some of the reasons cited for the proposed closure of the car park to the rear of Wellingborough’s Drill Hall.

Northants Police recommended to Wellingborough Council that this section of the car park was closed to the public as soon as possible to address the problems.

And councillors recently approved the closure, which will come into force fron next Wednesday (July 11).

A spokesman for Wellingborough Council said: “In 2011 the council received external funding from the government to build Derek Hooton Way and create a temporary gravel car park to be used for one to two years.

“As this land is part of a development site which has only just received planning permission, the car park was left open longer in case it was of use to local people until it was needed for re-development.

“However, a number of crimes have been regularly reported in this car park and increasing the police patrols and reducing vegetation have not solved the problem.”

Following the request from police that the temporary car park at the rear of the Drill Hall/top of Derek Hooton Way was closed to the public, members of the council’s resources committee approved its closure on June 13.

The spokesman added: “Councillors were shocked to hear the nature and frequency of the activities that were taking place there, so it was agreed that this temporary car park would be closed to reduce the levels of crime and anti-social behaviour.

“This car park will therefore be closed from 5pm on Wednesday 11 July 2018.

“Whilst this closure will result in a loss of some car parking spaces, there is ample alternative car parking in the vicinity in Wellingborough town centre to meet demand.

“In addition to this, the council is considering options to increase the number of car parking spaces available to help mitigate the loss.

“The council will carry out ongoing monitoring of car parking and, for this reason, a car parking count will be undertaken later this year.

“It is planned to repeat the count every two years.

“The council is committed to the regeneration and ongoing vitality of Wellingborough town centre.

“Sustainable residential development will be essential to ensure that the town centre remains relevant and viable into the future.

“Demand for new housing is high, so additional property in the town will help to provide homes for local people, as well as support town centre businesses.”

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