Wellingborough boy to have his hair shaved off in front of classmates

Kiantay is having his hair shaved off today
Kiantay is having his hair shaved off today

This boy will ‘Brave the Shave’ in front of his school friends and teachers today (Friday).

Kiantay will be going to school as normal in Wellingborough today, although the assembly will be a little different as he will be having his hair shaved off in front of his friends.

Kiantay’s mum Natalie Licorish is really proud of what her son is doing, but here is what Kiantay says about it in his own words.

He said: “My name is Kiantay Licorish-Mullings and I attend Our Lady’s Junior School in Wellingborough.

“I have been growing my hair since I was born and never thought about shaving my hair off until now.

“Growing up I have realised how truly blessed I am to have such a loving and caring family around me but I also know that there’s children out there who are unfortunately suffering from this cruel illness, cancer, and end up losing their hair or even worse.

“We have done some research and found this charity called ‘Brave the Shave,’ it really inspired me, I knew I could raise money as well as donate my hair to the charity so they can make wigs for children that are going through treatment and are losing their hair.

“But I wasn’t satisfied in just raising money with friends and family and decided to ask my headteacher Mr Robinson if we could do a mufti-day at school and raise even more money, to which he agreed.

“It was my mum who suggested why don’t we get our local barber to come along and shave my hair during assembly time and with that fantastic idea I went along to my headteacher and he agreed this would be an exciting experience for the children to also see, especially all my classmates which I’ve grown up with since I was four-years-old in reception.

“My challenge will take place this Friday, 14th of October, during assembly.

“Can’t wait, staff excited.”