Wellingborough and Northampton businesswomen team up to share their love of everything vintage

Sarah Anscombe and Ria Chambers have gone into business together
Sarah Anscombe and Ria Chambers have gone into business together

Two women with a passion for all things vintage have teamed up so they can share their knowledge of the fashion, food and lifestyle from days gone by.

Ria Chambers from Wellingborough and Sarah Anscombe of Northampton first met about 18 months ago on Twitter and after discovering they shared a love of everything vintage, the idea of working together was born.

Sarah Anscombe and Ria Chambers

Sarah Anscombe and Ria Chambers

Ria runs Ria’s Rosy Lee tearoom in Wellingborough so knows all about old recipes, food and drink and how people used to live, and Sarah sells vintage fashion and jewellery through her business Red Admiral Vintage so they had a good base to build from.

They have now launched Red Rose Vintage Events and will be organising events around the county where people can sell, buy or just learn about vintage fashion, jewellery, hair, make-up and food.

The first event is in Stanwick next month and will focus on fashion.

Ria said: “We both trade at vintage events and we both go to vintage events.

That’s why I love vintage because you can wear as much or as little as you want

Sarah Anscombe

“It’s the things that we like doing, but there aren’t enough events in this area.”

She said their combined knowledge as well as a network of contacts in the business would help them bring it all together and put on events at different venues across the county.

They are also hoping to hold dances in the future.

The two businesswomen believe that recent anniversaries marking key historical dates and television shows like Downton Abbey have helped make vintage so popular.

Sarah said: “There’s been a lot of anniversaries like 75 years since VE Day, the Battle of Britain and the centenary of World War One and there is also the success of Downton Abbey which showcases fashion and the lifestyle in the 1920s.

“It’s things like that which have helped bring it all back.

“The 70s is still very in fashion with the High Street at the moment so people are engaging with the original fashion.”

Sarah and Ria say their events will be for men and women of all ages.

They will also cater for various price ranges.

Sarah said: “We want to cater for all - the people that want to dress head to toe in vintage and the ones that just want to wear a bracelet.

“That’s why I love vintage because you can wear as much or as little as you want.”

The launch of Red Rose Vintage Events is taking place from 10am to 4pm on October 18 at Stanwick Village Hall.

It will be a vintage fashion fair and admission is £1.

There will be numerous vintage traders there as well as demonstrations on fashion and beauty.

A seamstress will be there to advise on vintage clothing and make minor adjustments, and a photographer will also be there for anyone wishing to have a portrait picture taken after getting a new outfit or makeover.

For more information, follow @redrosevtg on Twitter or search for Red Rose Vintage Events on Facebook.