Wellingborough academy seeking alumni to help next generation

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Generic of a class room setting. ENGNNL00120130326145518

A Wellingborough school is seeking former students who can inspire the current generation to academic success and career confidence.

Wrenn Academy, in London Road and Doddington Road, is one of 400 secondary schools and colleges across Britain working with the education charity Future First to harness the talents and experience of alumni to support current students through ‘old school tie’ networks.

The school wants to contact former students in established careers and recent leavers in further education, alumni who live nearby and those who have moved away.

Future First’s vision is that every state school or college should be supported by a thriving, engaged alumni community that helps it to do more for its students.

More than 180,000 former students nationwide have already signed up to stay connected with their old school. They are motivating young people as career and education role models, mentors, work experience providers, governors and fundraisers.

Christine Hunt, vice principal, said: ”We signed up to Future First’s scheme straightaway.

“A network of past pupils with all their valuable experience will be vital in helping us to broaden current pupils’ jobs horizons and equip them for the world of work. Our students benefit from hearing firsthand how students like themselves have progressed in the world of employment.”

Christine Gilbert, executive chair of Future First and a former Ofsted Chief Inspector, said, “Every state school student should have the opportunity to succeed in life after school, regardless of their background.

“If students see ‘people like me’ have succeeded, they are more likely to believe they can too. They work harder and have higher expectations of success. We want more schools to see the benefits of using their alumni as a powerful resource.“

Kath Baigent is waiting to hear from former students on kbaigent@wrenn-academy.net. Former students can also register with Future First by clicking the “For former students” link on the website www.futurefirst.org.uk.

Other state schools or colleges wishing to register with Future First should click the “For Schools and Colleges” link.

For further information about Future First, visit www.futurefirst.org.uk, contact press officer Sue Crabtree on sue@futurefirst.org.uk, senior communications officer Anna Darling on anna@futurefirst.org.uk or phone 0207 239 8933.