Wellibus to the rescue after fall left Anne trapped at home in Wellingborough

Anne at home with Roisin and Chloe from Shire Community Services
Anne at home with Roisin and Chloe from Shire Community Services

A driver helped raise the alarm for a woman who feared she’d be stuck for two days after falling at home.

Anne Summers was due to be picked up by Wellibus to take her to the Salvation Army at 1pm earlier this month.

Anne was still able to go on her planned trip to the garden centre the next day

Anne was still able to go on her planned trip to the garden centre the next day

But when the driver knocked, there was no answer and the milk was still outside her Wellingborough house.

He rang Shire Community Services, which runs Wellibus, to say he’d had no response before checking with the neighbours, but to no avail.

Roisin Lawrence from Shire Community Services had also been trying to contact Anne since 9am to see what she wanted for lunch for a visit to Dobbie’s Garden Centre the next day.

But Anne, who has five children, 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, couldn’t get to the phone after taking a fall when she tried to turn her alarm off.

Anne said: “There was no way I could reach the phone, I just thought I was there for two days so I got myself comfortable.

“I was between the bed and the chest of drawers.”

After contacting the hospitals to see if Anne was there, Roisin and colleague Rosemarie went round there themselves.

They shouted through the letter box but still got no reply so called the police, who arrived within minutes.

Anne, who was on the floor for about four hours, said: “They used the big red key to get in.

“When they did it, I didn’t know any of this was going on, I was just lying there waiting.

“It was like an earthquake.

“I knew it was either the police or a vehicle had hit the house, and then I heard voices.”

Luckily Anne only suffered minor injuries and was well enough to get on the Wellibus the next day for her planned trip to the garden centre.

Anne, who has been using Wellibus since the start of 2016, described the service as ‘absolutely brilliant,’ and added: “If it wasn’t for Wellibus, I would have been there for two days.

“I am so grateful for what they did.”

Roisin said: “The Wellibus is a big part of Wellingborough, we have five buses running around the town and surrounding villages as far as Loddington.

“The buses are all accessible so anyone is able to use them.

“We take people shopping on a daily basis enabling them to remain independent within their own homes.

“More importantly, the Wellibus runs excursions every week to garden centres, museums, lunches, afternoon tea and in the summer it takes its members further afield for day outings.

“The Wellibus is not just a bus service, it is a social service that reduces isolation and loneliness within the older community.

“Lots of people use the service to meet with old friends or make new ones and this keeps people mentally healthier and good for their general well-being.”

Membership for Wellibus is £10 for six months and then travel is free to those who have county council bus passes.