The weirdest things left behind at hotels in Kettering, Rushden and Thrapston

A national hotel operator has revealed which bizarre items were left behind in some of their Northamptonshire rooms.

Friday, 4th January 2019, 5:00 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 1:14 pm
Travelodge, on the A14 near Kettering NNL-141211-135254001

Travelodge, which has hotels in Kettering, Rushden and Thrapston, released a list of unusual treasures found in their UK branches in the past 12 months.

Items put in the lost property cupboard at their hotel on the A14 at Kettering included wedding vows, a grandfather clock and a box full of autographs.

One forgetful customer left a large tuck box full of Cadbury’s Daily Milk chocolate bars in their room at the Travelodge on the A45 near Rushden.

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And another forgot to pack their harp when they checked out of the Travelodge just off the A14 at Thrapston.

Elsewhere in the county a baby grand piano was left at the Northampton Upton Way hotel, a fully-decorated Christmas tree was forgotten at the Northampton Wootton Travelodge and a suitcase full of vintage comic books was left behind at Northampton Round Spinney.

A Travelodge spokesman said: “With nearly 19 million customers annually staying at our 557 UK hotels for a variety of reasons, we do get a range of fascinating items left behind.”

Other strange items left at the chain’s hotels included: a technicolour dream coat (Bath), a gallon of water from Loch Ness (Edinburgh), a replica of Meghan Markle’s wedding dress (London), a glass eye (Manchester), a 30lbs ball and chain (Newcastle) and a traffic lollipop stick (Sheffield).

The most common items left behind were: chargers, tablets, mobile phones, business papers/notepads, teddy bears, toiletry bags, pyjamas, socks and ties, books and, strangely, drones.

The Travelodge spokesman added: “When it comes to why so many customers forget their treasured items, there is one common theme and that’s living in a fast and furious world.

“Time is of the essence, especially when getting from A to B, and therefore valuable possessions are easily being forgotten.”

All items left behind in Travelodge hotels which have not been claimed within three months are donated to local British Heart Foundation charity shops.