Weekend weather: Cold in Corby?

Runners await the start of last year's Brass Monkey run
Runners await the start of last year's Brass Monkey run

Will it be brass monkeys weather at the annual Lakelands Hospice fundraiser on Sunday?

Northants meteorologist Paul Barber from Forecasts4u has provided this forecast exclusively for the Northants Telegraph.

Weather conditions for the Brass Monkey Charity Fun Run on Sunday look set fair for the start of the race as early frost will lift to leave a dry and mostly sunny morning.

However, cloud will increase from the west so that by the afternoon it will be rather cloudy and there will be an increasing risk of a few showers breaking out.

Temperatures will climb to near normal maximums of 7°C or 8°C (45-46°F) during the afternoon so it will feel slightly milder than recently while a light to moderate west/south-westerly wind will pick up.

For Saturday, after overnight cloud and rain clears away to the east it will be a dry day with plenty of bright winter sunshine across the region.

Temperatures will reach highs of 5°C or 6°C (41-43°F) in a moderate west/north-westerly wind.