Web-covered trees face the chop in Corby street

One of the trees in Cottingham Road, Corby
One of the trees in Cottingham Road, Corby

Trees lining a Corby street may have to be chopped down after being plagued by webbing from a moth for a second year running.

A number of people have contacted the Northants Telegraph concerned about the trees in Cottingham Road, Corby, which have been covered in webbing from top to bottom.

The webs are completely harmless and pose no health risk

Corby Council spokesman

While the webbing from an ermine moth is harmless and poses no health risk, this is the second year running that the trees have been affected so they may have to be chopped down and replaced with a different species which won’t fall victim to the pest.

A spokesman for Corby Council said: “In June 2014 and again this year a number of cherry trees in Cottingham Road were found to be infected with ermine moth caterpillars, a type of caterpillar which produces an excessive amount of webbing within the host trees.

“These caterpillars are not hazardous to human health but can cause significant damage to trees long term which could result in them eventually needing to be removed.

“Currently there are no felling works booked for these tree.

“We are working with external consultants to see if there are any possible solutions to break the cycle of the caterpillars returning and will continue to monitor the situation.”