Hose pipes, paddling pools and frozen flannels: 17 pictures of Northamptonshire pets keeping cool in the heatwave

Pet owners across the county have been sharing with us their hacks on how to keep their furry friends cool in the blistering heat!

Wednesday, 21st July 2021, 1:19 pm
Pet owners across Northamptonshire shared their easy hacks to keep their furry friends cool in the summer heat.

With temperatures soaring to 30 degrees Celsius this week, pet owners across Northamptonshire will undoubtedly be exploring all the possible ways to keep their furry friends cool in the summer heat.

We asked our readers to share pictures showing us how they have been cooling their pets down during the day and the results did not disappoint!

It is worth noting that it is safe to take your dog for a walk in temperatures of up to 19 degrees Celsius, provided they are well hydrated. Temperatures above this increases the risk of your dog experiencing heatstroke - according to VetsNow.

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No caption needed. The face says it all. Photo: Carly Morson

Take a look at these fun pictures of pets cooling down in the heatwave:

This pooch has been kitted out with a children's tent and a cooling mat! Photo: Holly Stawarz
Shaking off the water! Photo: Michelle Russell Stevenson
Maybe dogs aren't so different from us after all... Photo: Sam Parker
Balling! Playing fetch in the sea. Photo: Helena Margaret
Doggy splash mat! Photo: Sarah Kelly
"I bought a cooling mat for our dog, Milo, to lay on in the heat. It’s going well." Photo: Karen Greenham
Having a dip in the river. Photo: Carrie Desmond
Clearly a fan of the fan! Photo: Kelly Mckerral
A damp flannel in the freezer for 10 minutes works wonders - look at that side-eye! Photo: Shona Flynn
Notice how the pool has already required taping up! Photo: Rebecca Murphy
A perfectly pampered posing pooch! Photo: James Still
A cooling towel has worked well for Benji here. Photo: Abbie Eaton
A simple cool bath can be just as effective if you don't have a mini paddling pool. Photo: Tracey Ford
Evening walks when it is colder. Photo: Clare Jones
Another fan of the fan! Photo: Maddison Dickens
I... guess that works too. Photo: Kristina O'Leary