Wear It Purple day organised by Corby mum raises more than £5,000

Farah Mills.
Farah Mills.

A day to raise awareness of child arthritis which was organised by a Corby mum whose daughter suffers with the condition has raised more than £5,000.

Lynette Haselip’s daughter Farah Mills, five, was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) after she woke up on Christmas morning almost three years ago with a swollen ankle.

Miss Haselip and friend Rachel Rennie organised a ‘Wear It Purple’ day to raise money for JIA-at-NRAS, with cake sales and the selling of specially-made wristbands as well as photo-sharing via the fundraising hashtag.

They made £5,820.73 - and the Corby mum says it will make a huge difference.

She said: “It was a really good day and very successful.

“Lots of schools took part across the country which was great, it was really well-supported.

“JIA-at-NRAS has only beeing going for about a year so this will be amazing for them and will do amazing things.

“Lots of people with JIA do not know how to cope with it and I think they’re hoping to create an edition to help them understand.

“We will definitely be doing this again next year.”