Weapons, drugs and cash seized by police in Kettering and Corby

Just some of the items which have been seized by police in Kettering and Corby
Just some of the items which have been seized by police in Kettering and Corby

Officers have seized weapons, drugs and cash as well as made more than 20 arrests as they tackle an increase in vehicle crime.

Northamptonshire Police’s proactive team has been working in Kettering and Corby this month as a result of the rise.

They have been targeting criminals and trying to prevent serious acquisitive crime (SAC) – burglary, robbery and car crime.

Their efforts have seen them come across a number of suspects who are well known for SAC offences and been in possession of items including knives, a leather whip, shotgun shells, drugs, tools and stolen property.

So far this month, the team has made 24 arrests and searched 16 premises.

Nine vehicles have also been seized from people linked to drug supply and use.

A spokesman for Northants Police said: “The team takes a robust approach to keeping the community safe and we will not tolerate the carrying of weapons.”

As well as the arrests and items seized, the work carried out has helped gather ‘significant community intelligence.’

But it is not just the proactive team which has been working to tackle crime in the area, there has been support from numerous other organisations.

The spokesman added: “Our local teams are going to great lengths to prevent crime and raise awareness of SAC offending to ensure the community help us to help them.

“The cadets have volunteered 1,397 hours of time since January out on the beat with the SCT completing crime prevention patrols across the district.

“They are also visiting local stores and toy shops that sell ‘toy weapons’ to discuss the rational of supplying those items - a concept which has come from the cadets themselves.

“Wardens in both Corby and Kettering have been in hotspot areas assisting with patrols.

“The Retail Crime initiative (RCI) has put out alerts to all its members to remind staff and their customers not to leave items on display for the opportunist thief.

“The Corby response teams are also proactive, only last week finding a 12-year-old boy with a meat cleaver.

“Our local schools welcome the SCT and JAM youth work team into their schools so we can work on education and prevention with the young people so they understand the consequence of carrying weapons.”

To keep up-to-date with the work of the proactive team, which covers the whole county, follow @NptonProactive on Twitter.

The proactive team’s results over a 10-day period:

- 24 arrests

- 16 premises searched

Items seized:

- Approximately £1,260 street value herbal cannabis

- 50 shotgun shells

- 20 deal bags containing trace amounts of cocaine

- Five knives, two sticks, one leather whip and one adapted knife on a stick

- 10 torches with gloves and face coverings

- One mobile police Kojak light

- Various stolen property

- Class A cocaine

- £1,100 cash (POCA)

- Pliers

- Crow bar

- Gloves/face scarf

- 111.61g cannabis

- £60 Cash (POCA)

- Baseball bat

- Drug supply paraphernalia

Other results:

- Nine vehicle seizures from persons linked to drug supply/use

- Significant community intelligence