We’re in favour of Tesco store

Tesco in Desborough town centre
Tesco in Desborough town centre

I REFER to the letters from Mr Robert Orr (Chair of Desborough Community Development Trust) and Mr C Chambers (ET letters May 11 and 12 respectively).

I am not sure where these two gentlemen thought they read or saw that Desborough Town Centre Partnership had changed its mind about the impact of a Tesco store in Desborough town centre.

This is absolutely not the case – the town centre partnership strongly supported the application for the Tesco store and they continue to plan and prepare for the benefits which will derive from the presence of this store and the extra footfall it will bring.

The research carried out by the partnership has shown that stores in town centres generate more people in a town centre.

Our reason to bid for Portas Review money was to help prepare existing traders to take advantage of this extra footfall in the town. There will be huge changes and those changes need to be managed by individual retailers.

The town centre Partnership believes in getting involved and not just “waiting to see what will happen”.

So where did our friends read that the town centre partnership has changed its mind and is now anti Tesco? Certainly not in the Evening Telegraph, which gave an excellent report about our bid and what we plan to achieve.

A mystery indeed.

David Larmour

Chairman Desborough Town

Centre Partnership