WATCH: Little Irchester woman releases bizarre Rocky Horror video in bid to end parking dispute

A Little Irchester woman has taken her fight to end a parking dispute outside her house to the next level - by releasing a bizarre Rocky Horror-style video.

Sara Valentine has been told she can no longer park her van on the grass verge outside her home in London Road and to park on the road instead.

This video of Sara Valentine has gone viral

This video of Sara Valentine has gone viral

But by parking on the road, which is used frequently by lorries leaving Wellingborough, she is causing an obstruction and has suffered an untold amount of abuse.

She decided to make herself noticed by releasing her own version of Sweet Transvestite from the hit 1970s musical — and the video has already amassed more than 20,000 views.

Miss Valentine said: “I’ve been told I’m causing a nuisance by parking my van on the road and people have been kicking off.

“I’ve had people swearing at me and beeping their horns but I’m only doing what I’ve been told.

“Wellingborough Homes have been supportive and told me to ring the police but there’s only so much abuse you can take.

“Everyone knows Rocky Horror and the video has got more than 20,000 hits already.

“If I went out there and did a performance of Dolly Parton it probably wouldn’t do as well.”

The Northants Telegraph covered the confusion over parking in the area last month, with tenants warned they could have their tenancy considered if they failed to adhere to regulations.

Miss Valentine says she “can’t do right for doing wrong”.

She added: “If I park on the road I get the public moaning at me.

“If I park on the verge I get Highways moaning at me.

“I can’t do right for doing wrong.

“I like entertaining and everybody loves the video and they’ve all got my support.

“I’ve had some complaints from people down the road, so if I do another video it might be to the Neighbours music.”

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said: “At the request of the parish council, we have been asked to enforce the rules which prohibit parking on grass verges, and the housing association responsible for these homes has informed residents.

“However, if vehicles parking on the road are causing an obstruction to traffic, the police can take action.”