Warning to young women about getting home safely

Young women are being urged to only use reputable taxi firms
Young women are being urged to only use reputable taxi firms

Young women are being reminded of the dangers of accepting lifts from unknown drivers after a spate of incidents in the county.

A series of incidents in Northampton have sparked concern from detectives that young women enjoying a night out are failing to think of their safety by not booking taxis from reputable companies.

On a number of occasions women have reported getting into cars and asking for lifts home without checking if the car was a taxi or not while under the influence of alcohol.

Detective Inspector Ally White, from the Criminal Investigation Department, said: “We are noticing an increasing trend of young vulnerable women, who are getting drunk, not having any money left at the end of the night and simply asking for lifts home from either strangers or vehicles that they believe to be taxis but haven’t pre-booked.

“We want to highlight the dangerous situation young women may be placing themselves in by not pre-booking a cab.

“They are in a position of vulnerability, placing themselves in a confined space with a stranger who dictates where the vehicle goes and for how long.

“Of course, not all cases involve women who have had too much to drink and we want to highlight this to people.

“This Saturday for example two teenagers were waiting for a taxi after leaving a house party in Roade.

“They spotted a car parked up and asked if it was the taxi, the driver replied he was and when the girls became suspicious he grabbed one of them by the arm.

“They pulled away and ran. The genuine taxi later arrived.”

Police have issued some guidance in light of the recent incidents, including making plans on how to get home before your night out and keeping money back for a taxi, try and stay with friends and don’t get separated, always let someone know where you are going, how they can contact you and when you are likely to be back, and always pre-book a taxi – do not flag down vehicles.

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