Warning to pet owners after cat is ‘poisoned’

Magik the cat, who had to be put to sleep after she was poisoned
Magik the cat, who had to be put to sleep after she was poisoned

A woman whose cat was killed in a suspected poisoning is warning other owners to be on their guard.

Janet Brown, from Weekley Glebe Road, Kettering, had to have her two-year-old cat Magik put to sleep by a vet on September 9.

Miss Brown, who had raised Magik since finding her under her shed when she was about six months old, said the cat had been missing for almost a full day about two days before she died.

She added: “Magik would go out but always came back when I called. On this particular day I kept calling and calling for her but she didn’t come back. Then, at about 6pm, she came charging back inside the house and hid under a bed, terrified.

“She would not come out and I left food under the bed for her. I then noticed there was something coming out of her mouth and she looked very ill. I took her to the vet straight away.”

Miss Brown was told Magik had been poisoned and that the poison had affected the cat’s brain.

She said: “I want to warn other cat owners living in this area. I told the police and they said other people who think their cat has been poisoned should contact them.”

Miss Brown said the situation was made worse because Magik’s death comes only a year after another of her cats, Smudge, went missing.

She added: “Smudge may have been poisoned as well because he used to go outside into the same areas as Magik.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.