Warning to motorcyclists causing a nuisance in and around Raunds

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Anyone who sees motorbikes being ridden in an anti-social manner is being urged to contact police with as much information as possible.

Northants Police has had reports of problems with motorbikes causing a nuisance in Raunds and is working to try and stop the anti-social behaviour.

As part of this work, a Section 59 warning was recently issued to a motorcyclist seen riding on playing fields in the town.

A statement posted on the Raunds Town Council website earlier this month said: “A number of complaints have been made regarding motorbikes being ridden in an anti-social manner on playing fields in Raunds.

“Local police have increased their monitoring of the matter and this has resulted in a Section 59 warning being issued to a motorcyclist.

“The motorcyclist was riding on a playing field in Raunds, if they do this again their bike can be seized.

“Please ride responsibly.”

A spokesman for Northants Police said they are working with the town council on the issue, and added: “We would always say to people that if they do see people riding bikes or causing nuisance to call it in to us and take down as much information about the rider as possible.

“Take details about the bike, the clothes they are wearing and any description that will help us.”

Anyone who sees motorbikes being ridden in an anti-social manner in the Raunds area is asked to call the police on 101.