Warning to county horse owners

A man was hit over the head with a bottle in Rushden town centre
A man was hit over the head with a bottle in Rushden town centre

A warning has been issued to county horse owners about marking their tack in case it is stolen.

Officers are urging people to take as many precautions as possible when it comes to securing their equipment and making sure it can be identified should it be stolen.

Although currently not a problem for the force, horse owners in Northamptonshire have been victims of this type of theft in the past, which is why the police are recommending as many precautions as possible are taken now.

Force crime prevention manager Laura Major said: “It is very important that you mark your riding equipment with an identifying mark, so that if it is stolen and subsequently comes into the hands of the police, it can be identified and returned to you.

“In a bid to prevent becoming a victim we advise people not to store tack in isolated or insecure premises, but to remove it to a more secure location.

“Livery stables should encourage owners to ensure that their tack is kept securely, be this at home or in other secure locations.

“Where it is not possible to store tack away from isolated stables and outbuildings, then ensure that these are as secure as possible – storing tack in a secure brick or stone building, ensuring that it is alarmed. ”

Laura added: “We are also supportive of Horse Watch and encourage people who own a horse to become members of the scheme.

“It is an excellent way for horse owners to receive information about related crimes and we also keep them informed about suspicious activity.

“It is vital that if people see anyone in suspicious circumstances, for example strangers in their stable yard who appear to be looking around, or displaying an unusual interest in the tack storage area, to contact us on 101 straight away giving us as much information as you possibly can, including descriptions of vehicles, registration numbers, and as detailed a description of the people possible.”

For more information about securing your stables visit www.northants.police.uk/crimeprevention.

To find out more about marking your tack contact the Rural Crime team on the police non-emergency number 101.