Warmest March days for two decades

WEATHERMEN have recorded the warmest March in the county since 1990.

The monthly report from the county’s weather station at Pitsford showed that last month was unseasonably warm.

Temperatures reached a peak on March 28 when a high of 20.1C was recorded. Overall, it was the warmest March in the county since 1997, and the driest since 2000.

The beginning of the month was fine and dry, with just a short spell of wetter and colder weather between March 4 and 7.

A prolonged period of high pressure saw temperatures become warmer, rising to 15.6C on March 11.

While there were some chilly nights, overnight temperatures never reached freezing although there was fog for several days in the middle of the month.

By March 16, more unsettled conditions arrived with some rain, but this lasted only briefly and from March 19 it became settled again with temperatures climbing from 15C on the March 20 to a very warm 20.1C on March 28.

The high pressure moved westward during the last two days, introducing cooler and cloudier conditions with daytime temperatures falling quite noticeably reaching just 10.9C on March 31.