Warkton arts festival hailed a success

Monuments inside Warkton's church.
Monuments inside Warkton's church.

An arts festival in the village of Warkton has been hailed a success.

The St Edmund’s Art Festival took place From June 15 to 18.

The festival featured an event where the Church Monument Society honoured St Edmund’s Church with an award for the ‘Best Church Monument Guidebook’ in the country.

The guidebook details a set of glorious Carrara marble statues that are the centerpiece of the festival.

Organiser Anne-Marie Sandos said: “The aim of our arts festival was to bring the community together and to share our wonderful heritage more widely with others in the local area.

“Our purpose was also to raise funds to help with the future upkeep of our amazing monuments, which recently have been completely restored to their original glory and which hold a very special place in the heart of our community.

“We are really proud to have run several high-quality events during the weekend which were thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants and attendees.

“One of the participants enjoyed the first event so much, she came to all the others.

“The highlight of the weekend was the ‘steam, sausages and spoken word’ finale, which featured debbie&andrew’s sausages as part of a charity barbecue that sizzled up some extra support for our cause.

“We are really grateful for the help and support received from debbie&andrew’s, Heritage Lottery Fund, Songbirds, Melody, Lyn Hewitson, Church Monuments Society, Kezzabelle, Chris Gunn, Dave Smith, Frazer Cruikshanks, Peter McCormick, Alan Frost and St Edmund’s PCC.”