Walkers celebrate town’s culture at new event

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Kettering’s cultural landmarks and historical hotspots were explored by people who took part in the town’s first culture walk.

Dozens participated in the event on Sunday, August 18, taking in a four mile walk from Kettering’s Market Place to the Masque Theatre in Barton Seagrave.

Organised by the Lighthouse and Masque theatres, the aim of the walk was to celebrate the town’s culture and history.

Lucy Hatfield, manager of the Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering, said: “We wanted to celebrate culture in Kettering.

“We should be proud of the town – there’s so much going on here.

“The Market Place is a lovely facility and as we go around the town there is a lot of history.

“It’s a good reason to get out as a family and explore that culture.

“We are really grateful to everyone who has been involved.”

Greg Nunney, manager of the Masque Theatre in Barton Seagrave, said: “It’s the first time we’ve ever done anything like this. It’s a four mile walk which ended at the Masque Theatre.

“Participants had a sheet with 35 questions and the answers were on the route.

“The event was organised to celebrate culture in Kettering.”

The Mayor of Kettering, Cllr Keli Watts, led the group on the walk.

She said: “I have been looking forward to this for many weeks. I hope that it’s the beginning of something that will happen every year to finish off the Carnival weekend. Kettering has so much culture to offer and this is a fun way for people to find out about that.”

Walker Michelle West travelled from her home in Northampton to take part. She said: “We have some links to the Lighthouse Theatre so we wanted to come along to support it and find out more about Kettering.”