Walker’s anger at dumped rubbish

Gareth Dunford is unhappy at the state of the brook in Croyland Park, Wellingborough
Gareth Dunford is unhappy at the state of the brook in Croyland Park, Wellingborough

A disgusted dog walker is calling for a brook littered with dumped shopping trolleys to be cleaned up.

Gareth Dunford, of Princess Way, Wellingborough, regularly passes the brook in Croyland Park, Wellingborough, when he is out walking his border collies. He contacted the Evening Telegraph after growing fed up the state of it. The brook is littered with items including shopping trolleys and old carpet.

Mr Dunford said: “I’ve got two dogs and I’m always down that area. It just got to me. It’s been like that for months and months and months. There’s at least 10 trolleys, there’s a mattress, there’s old carpet and pushchairs.

“It’s the people who are responsible but then again the council want to get down there and sort it out somehow. If I had some help I wouldn’t mind getting in there and sorting it myself.

“The sign there says ‘Welcome to Croyland Park’ but it’s not much of a welcome.”

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “The Environment Agency is responsible for the stream in the park and we do investigate reports of blockages.

“If the rubbish is causing a risk of flooding we will remove it as and when this happens rather than as part of regular maintenance.

“The borough council has the main responsibility for removing the items of rubbish on a more regular basis.”

A Wellingborough Council spokesman said: “We do regular cleaning of all the parks, but removing shopping trolleys does require a bit more planning as it can be a specialist job. We’re always willing to support communities that would like to organise further clean-ups.”