Walk for mums for good cause

Kettering: Wicksteed Park Crazy Hats walk'Sunday, 27 March 2011
Kettering: Wicksteed Park Crazy Hats walk'Sunday, 27 March 2011

As Mother’s Day comes around again, our thoughts naturally turn to our mums.

whether you are lucky enough to still have your mum in your life, or if you have sadly lost her, what better way to celebrate mother’s day than to join in the Crazy Hats Walk at Wicksteed Park this year.

While getting a good blast of fresh air and supporting your local charity, you can walk with your mum, or for your mum, and also join in with the incredible atmosphere as you walk. If your mum is no longer with you, walk for her. everybody on the day walks for somebody. she will be with you in spirit.

Let’s make this a walk for all the mums as it falls on their special day, and when the walk is over and your goody bag has been collected, (as you catch your breath) you can feel very virtuous when tucking into your Mother’s Day lunch.

Another thought: mums, why not walk while your children are preparing your lunch? work up an appetite.

Another important reason to join in this year’s walk is that we can all help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the charity, where all the money raised stays in the county. So it really is our local breast cancer charity.

Who knows when any of us might be unfortunate enough to need any of the equipment paid by Crazy Hats at your local hospital. All the money raised from the walk and your sponsor money will carry on the good work.

Above all else, let’s do it for Glennis (founder of Crazy Hats). It’s no mean feat to have raised £1.25 million.

The Evening Telegraph raised the subject a while ago, wondering why she hadn’t been nationally recognised with her team for raising this massive amount.

So will you be walking at Wicksteed on Mothers Day?

I sincerely hope so; with a group, on your own, with your dog (a prize for the craziest hat on a dog!). Don’t forget mum, mine will be there, aged 87, and cutting the start ribbon for the 10th year!

See you there.

Mrs Gwynneth Hull