Votes being counted in PCC election

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Counting is under way in the poll to elect Northamptonshire’s first police and crime commissioners.

Turnout across the county was 19.82 per cent, and Labour has criticised the government’s handling of the elections.

The turnout figure was boosted by the Corby by-election, with turnout elsewhere estimated to be around 15 per cent.

The Northamptonshire votes were verified overnight, with counting at the Kettering Conference Centre beginning at 10.30am. The result is expected to be announced this afternoon.

There were five candidates on the ballot: Jim MacArthur, of UKIP, independent John Norrie, Adam Simmonds, from the Conservatives and Lib Dem Paul Varnsverry. Labour’s Lee Barron suspended his campaign two weeks ago after a past conviction came to light, but it was too late to remove his name from ballot papers.