Volunteers needed for community speedwatch scheme in Wellingborough

Is speeding an issue near you?
Is speeding an issue near you?

Volunteers are needed to help tackle speeding in two residential areas in Wellingborough.

County councillor for Brickhill and Queensway Liz Coombe has decided to launch a community speedwatch with the help of one of the borough councillors for the Queensway ward, Andrew Scarborough.

The aim is to focus on speeding issues on the Brickhill and Queensway areas of Wellingborough.

Both Cllrs Coombe and Scarborough will be attending a training day in April and they are hoping to recruit more vounteers to join them in their bid to tackle the issue of speeding.

Cllr Coombe said: “This will be the first speedwatch group in the town and is in response to residents concerned about speeding.”

She said it follows on from a speed enforcement operation carried out in the area when more than 60 drivers were found to be exceeding the limit last August.

Cllr Coombe posted about the success of the speeding crackdown on social media afterwards and said this had led to positive feedback.

Residents told her they welcomed the operation and would like to see more speedwatch work carried out in the town.

Cllr Coombe said they already have three people confirmed to be part of the speedwatch scheme, but they are going to need another five or six people.

Anyone interested in getting involved can attend a half-day of training on April 29.

Cllr Coombe is the coordinator for the scheme and she can be contacted on 01933 664941 or 07951 320965.

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