Volunteers give Caldecott church a spring clean

Caldecott Church's spring clean 2015
Caldecott Church's spring clean 2015

Residents from Caldecott gave up their time to clean and tidy up the village church ahead of the Easter services.

St John the Evangelist’s was given a spring clean both inside and out by a dedicated group of volunteers as part of the church’s annual spring clean.

A group of 15 volunteers rolled their sleeves up for more than three hours on Saturday, March 21, and tidied the church up to ensure it was looking its best ahead of the Easter period.

June Gower, who was one of the volunteers, said: “It was a very cold day, but the volunteers worked hard regardless.

“We do have people who look after the churchyard during the year, but this was a chance to get the church looking spic and span in time for Easter.”

Volunteers ranged from young children up to people in their late 60s.

All played an important part in the clean-up and everyone involved in the tidy-up was rewarded with refreshments afterwards.

Inside the church, a team had the task of dusting away all of the cobwebs and they helped to clean all of the windows.

Other volunteers mopped the floors and made sure each of the pews were polished.

A separate team helped outside by clearing the guttering, cutting back overgrowing bushes and mowing the grass in order to make sure the churchyard looked tidy for those visiting the church over Easter.