Volunteer gives his insight into annual event

Hundreds of disabled and disadvantaged children enjoyed a day at Wicksteed Park
Hundreds of disabled and disadvantaged children enjoyed a day at Wicksteed Park

Hundreds of children enjoyed a day out at Wicksteed Park thanks to the Rotary Club.

Hundreds of disabled and disadvantaged children took part in the Kids Out Day organised by Rotary Clubs from around the area.

All the Rotary Clubs pay into the Kids Out fund and provide fun, food, t-shirts, caps and supervision for youngsters who may not have the opportunity to enjoy all the fun at Wicksteed Park in any other way.

One helper who was not sure whether to join the Rotary decided to find out more about Kids Out and volunteered to go along.

He was impressed with what he saw and said:  “I arrived in the car park and there must have been 100 coaches with children pouring out of them like someone had left a tap running, more and more children.

“My initial thought was, ‘what on earth have I signed up for here?’  So off I went and met up with club president Steve Howe, who told me more about this incredible day.

“In a nutshell, Kids Out has been running since 1990 and in that time has taken over 55,000 disadvantaged children on a fun day out. It sets out to give these children an experience that will bring both fun and happiness into their lives. 

“Our role as Rotary volunteers, of which I was just one out of about 10,000 across the country, was to help the children’s carers and teachers in any way I could.

“I like to think my own daughters have a good life. Before yesterday, I guess I took all this for granted. That was life as I saw it. I didn’t really have to think about whether my children could do something. But getting to volunteer with Kids Out really opened my eyes to what, as a Rotarian, I can do to make a difference. So I joined Rotary. I’m in the new Rotary E-Club that meets online and now I can help others, less privileged and more in need, to experience some of the good things in life.”