Vocalist is first on the bill at lunchtime gigs

A series of gigs at The Core bar in Corby have been launched with a lunchtime session by a local musician.

Stevie Rigsby wrote a special song for the relaxing gig in the B2 bar area of the theatre at the Corby Cube.

The Corby-born guitarist and vocalist showcased his piece Great to See Corby Come Alive which is about the survival of the town and his pride at seeing it grow.

Also on the bill was Leicester-based Kev Lee, who has played at open mic nights around the region.

The gig kicked off a season of monthly free, 45-minute acoustic sets perfect for workers taking a lunchtime break.

Stevie, 41, who grew up on the Lodge Park estate, left Corby several years ago but recently returned to the town.

The musician who has been singing, gigging and busking around the country for 20 years, was so impressed by the improvements to Corby that he decided to write a song.

He said: “There wasn’t really all that much to see here when I left.

“But I was quite pleasantly surprised to come back here and see what had changed.

“It’s really thriving now, despite the state of the economy.

“There is so much going on in the town now and it’s somewhere that young people can stay rather than wanting to get away from when they leave school.

“It’s a much better place to live. It’s great to be able to play a gig here in such a nice venue and I am always proud to be from here.”

As well as his own songs, Stevie enjoys playing covers for the audience to sing along to. He also intends to shoot a video for his song at landmarks around the town.

The next free gig at The Core is at 1pm on July 6.

Entry is free and tickets are available by calling the box office on 01536 470470 or visiting www.thecorecorby.com