VIP screening for film about people’s wartime experiences in Kettering

Ahead of the special screening at the Odeon in Kettering
Ahead of the special screening at the Odeon in Kettering

A documentary which features local people recounting their wartime experiences was given a special VIP screening at Kettering’s Odeon cinema.

The film titled ‘The Day The Americans Came’ tells the story of people from Kettering who remember the arrival of American GIs during the Second World War.

Ahead of Monday's screening in Kettering

Ahead of Monday's screening in Kettering

It was made by UK Film School with lottery funding.

And when UK Film School was contacted by Kettering historian Sandra Clickstone, who said many of her friends had loved the film, they realised it had found new fans throughout the county and as far afield as the USA.

Speaking ahead of Monday’s special screening in Kettering, UK Film School director and film-maker Gary Halliday said: “I am thrilled that the film, originally made as a community project, has found a whole new audience through the support of local people passing it on among families and friends and I can’t wait to see it up on the big screen.”

The living history film mixes interviews with people who lived in Kettering during the Second World War with re-enactments acted out by living history groups.

Gary said: “Once we got the green light from the Heritage Lottery Fund, our first task was to make contact with people who lived in Kettering during the war and get their stories.

“One of the most fascinating people we interviewed was Betty West, and we were very lucky to find her because she lived in Harrington during the war, which was near to where the Carpetbaggers were based.

“Sadly, some of the people who were featured in the film are no longer with us and so the film provides a lasting legacy and a precious archive for future generations.”

UK Film School was founded by Gary in 2007 and Monday’s screening ties in with a celebration of 10 years of mentoring young people from the UK and beyond in the craft of film-making.

When Gary is not mentoring young people, he and his team of industry professionals create innovative corporate and documentary films through Gary’s production company.

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