Violent Corby drunk banned from every Northamptonshire pub

Paul Martindale
Paul Martindale

A violent drunk has been jailed and banned from Northamptonshire pubs after police issued the county’s first drink banning order.

Paul Martindale, of Corby, has been sentenced to 12 months in prison and is banned from entering any pub, club or bar in Northamptonshire for the next two years.

He is also banned from drinking in public for the full two years.

The order, known as a DBO, was imposed by a Crown Court judge after Martindale, 41, was involved in a number of assaults while under the influence of alcohol.

The most recent incident took place on May 5 this year at the Phoenix pub in Corby, when Martindale threatened staff and customers with a knife.

If Martindale breaches the terms of the order, he will be arrested.

Insp Vaughan Clarke said: “A DBO is a helpful tool in our armoury to deal with problem individuals.

“This man has a history of being violent while drunk, and I am pleased that the court has accepted our application for a DBO as well as imposing a 12-month sentence for affray and possession of an offensive weapon.

“DOBs are part of a wider violence reduction strategy that has already seen us deliver a 14 per cent reduction this year.

“We continue to work hard with our partner agencies to ensure the night-time economy in the county is a safe and pleasant one for those who live and work here.

“This is the first DBO we have issued and demonstrates that the few people involved in this type of behaviour will not be tolerated and could be subject to a banning order which prevents them from spoiling a night out for others.”

DBOs were first made available to the police and courts in August 2009, and are similar to anti-social behaviour orders.

They are civil orders, used to address an individual’s alcohol misuse behaviour and to protect others and their property from such behaviour by imposing any prohibition which is necessary.

Adam Simmonds, Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner, welcomed the county’s first Drink Banning Order as a step in the right direction towards reducing in violent crime.

He said: “I am delighted by the decision of the court to utilise the Drink Banning Order, which has been available to the police and courts since 2009. Clearly it is something which has been under-utilised in the past and I am keen for magistrates, judges and the police make the best use of all the tools available to them, such as DBOs, in the future.”

“The Violence Reduction Unit in Glasgow, has been particularly successful in reducing violent crime by as much as 40 per cent. This has only been achieved by the police and their partner agencies across the criminal justice system and local goverment working together, using all of the powers available to them to address many of the problems that violence and alcohol were causing within their locality.

“We know alcohol is a causal factor in half of all violent crime in Northamptonshire. By sentencing our most persistent and violent offenders to abstinence, we are taking away their weapon and making Northamptonshire a Safer Place as a result.”