Village tickled pink by Katie visit

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A village was excited by the arrival of a famous celebrity in her trademark pink Range Rover this week.

Glamour model turned reality television star Katie Price was in Great Cransley on Tuesday as she filmed the latest series of her fly-on-the wall documentary ‘Katie’ in the small Northamptonshire village.

The show is due to air on Sky Living later this year.

Justin Jeffries, spokesman for the show, said: “Katie Price was filming her show in Great Cransley on Tuesday.

“She was filming her fly on the wall documentary ‘Katie’ which will be back on air around May.

“We cannot say what she was filming for.”

Neighbours spoke of their shock and excitement about the arrival of the star, who has been a media favourite for over a decade.

Joe Schultz, 22, of Loddington Road, Great Cransley, said: “I saw a pink Range Rover and thought ‘where have I seen that before’.

“I couldn’t believe someone like Katie Price was in the village filming for her show.

“It’s not something that happens every day.

“I waited where she was filming and managed to say hello to her before she left.

“She was in the village for about two hours.”

Katie, who started out as a glamour model in the 90s, has had a string of high profile relationships with the likes of Peter Andre and former Manchester United footballer Dwight Yorke.

She has since reinvented herself as a television star, author and has even released an album.

Her latest show, ‘Katie’, is a fly-on-the wall show that documents her life, and first aired on TV in 2009.

Ben Thorpe, 21, of Loddington Road, Great Cransley, said: “I was a bit surprised to see her in the village.

“I saw the pink Range Rover and thought that could only be for one person.

“She had quite a big filming crew with her.”

Angela Reid, 56, of Loddington Road, Great Cransley, said: “I was really quite surprised.

“Nothing much happens in the village.”