Village petition handed in to council

Save Irchester Villlage campaigners
Save Irchester Villlage campaigners

The Save Irchester Village group handed in a petition signed by 2,012 people to Wellingborough Council.

The campaign group is against plans for homes outside the Irchester village boundary.

At a meeting of the full council, group chairman Chris Stenning presented the petition to the mayor of Wellingborough, Cllr Ken Harrington,

The petition read: “We the undersigned strongly object to any proposed development on green field sites outside the village boundary/policy line. Such developments would put a great strain on our infrastructure and have a huge environmental impact.”

Chris Stening, Chairman of Save Irchester Village group, said: “Our group was formed in April of this year in response to an application to build 124 homes outside our village policy line on a green field arable site.

“We appreciate that the place for debate and discussion is the planning meeting and we will of course be making our representations there in the appropriate way.”

He added: “It is frustrating for everyone that there is planning permission for several thousand homes in Wellingborough (WEAST) where the infrastructure exists to support them, but that none have been built.

“Localism, while a new law, is not a new concept in our village and we have always spoken with a clear voice:

In 2006 Irchester created and registered a Parish Plan which identified a sustainable site for affordable housing and provision of extra recreational land.

“In 2010 Save Irchester Countryside presented a petition of 1,300 signatures opposed to a development behind Woodlands Road.

“In 2012 under the Localism act we now have a group working on our new Parish Plan which will focus on defining on what the village wants and needs.

“We want no development outside of our village boundary. Through our Parish Plan we look forward to working with the council to ensure we get what local residents want rather then what developers think we should have. “

A further 500 objections have also lodged against on the council’s planning website.

A copy of petition was also presented to Peter Bone on June a1 nd was read in Parliament last Tuesday, June 19, and recorded in Hansard. The Secretary of State Eric Pickles will be investigating and responding.